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Interruption Based Marketing is the Worst

How many of you hate commercial interruptions as much as I do? Probably not many of you because I HATE them so much that I unplugged from Cable. I only watch the channels (Apps) that I subscribe to (Hulu & CBS mostly.) I even pay extra for Hulu to skip the commercials. CBS they still shows a few commercials, but less than watching live. I hate the interruptions. You may not realize it but an hour program contains almost 20 minutes of commercials.

As people flit from app to app online, they have little patience for any interruption, especially a banner ad or, heaven forbid, a 30-second commercial. – NYTimes Article

This is the same if you listen to radio, unless you pay for Satellite radio. So, we pay more to skip commercials in our lives. But advertisers are constantly trying to get our attention. They interrupt us with ads on videos, billboards, signs everywhere, and commercials on anything we can watch.

Interruption based marketing is the worst type, as opposed to Permission based marketing.

Permission Based Marketing is In

Permission based marketing is where the person you’re marketing to is actively looking for a business like yours. An early example is the Yellow Pages. Years ago, when you needed a plumber, you’d look in the Yellow Pages under Plumber and there they were. You were giving them permission to show you their ad and tell you what they could do for you.

Today folks use Search Engines, mainly Google. When someone searches for a “land surveyor near me” they are giving you permission to market to them. Stop and go enter “land surveyor city st” into Google. Did your company come up at the top of the list? Did you show up in the Top 3? Did you show up on the first page at all?

Permission Marketing by Seth Godin

Just like the Yellow Pages of old, if you aren’t in there, you aren’t in business.

I highly recommend Seth Godin’s book “Permission Marketing” for extra reading on this subject.

J. Keith Maxwell is a land surveyor and engineer in Alabama who is helping other surveyors to market their business online. Call him at 888-316-4124 to discuss how he can help you.